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After finally saving enough money for a down payment on a new car, I was really excited about customizing it and really making it my own. I spent a lot of time going through and thinking of different ways to make the vehicle unique, and it was exciting to see how far it was able to come. I completely replaced the seat covers, overhauled the electronics, and gave the engine a serious tune-up. When I was finished, the car ran like a gem, and it looked even better. This blog is all about enjoying your new vehicle and not taking great features for granted.


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Enjoying My New Car

The Ultimate Care Guide When Maintaining Custom Wheels

by Arianna Tucker

Purchasing a new set of wheels for your vehicle is a great way to change up its aesthetic. You want to protect this investment and ensure these wheels look great and hold up for a long time. You can make sure this happens by utilizing this wheel care guide. 

Pressure Wash Loose Debris

After a while, dirt and other substances can collect on your wheels. Now, they may not seem like much, but they will be pretty difficult to get off if you let them sit for an extended period of time. You're better off just removing them as soon as you spot them, which will be easy when you use a pressure washer. 

This machine enables you to spray pressurized water all over your custom wheels, helping you remove built-up residues and debris that have collected over the months. You won't have to get your hands dirty, and you'll be able to clean your wheels quickly. 

Use a Specialized Wheel Cleaner

When cleaning your wheels to make them look shiny, you don't want to use just any cleaning product. There are some that have corrosive ingredients in them, which will cause massive damage to your custom wheels over the years.

As a precaution, you need to make sure the wheel cleaner you use is specifically designed for the type of wheels you have. Most wheels today are made out of aluminum, so you need to make sure the wheel cleaner you use is designed to support this type of material. 

Dry With a Microfiber Towel

Even though custom wheels are pretty durable, they can still scratch if you use the wrong instruments when cleaning them. In terms of drying your custom wheels, you'll want to use only a microfiber towel.

These towels are uniquely made with fine fibers, which are soft and won't damage or scratch your custom wheels. Even if you apply a lot of force when drying your wheels, you won't cause damage. These towels are also very absorbent, which means you won't have to squeeze water out of them as often when drying. 

Having a new set of custom wheels put on your vehicle may be a dream come true. To keep these wheels looking great and structurally sound over the years, you need to get in the habit of taking care of them properly. This will involve using the right products and knowing what cleaning procedures to execute.